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  1. One should wash with a Bracha before eating the Matzah.[1] The Mishnah Brurah explains that we wash again because it is likely that our hands have touched something dirty over the course of the Seder.[2]
  2. If one know that one watched one's hands and one didn't touch an area that requires Netilat Yadayim one should wash without a bracha.[3]
  3. If one is sure that one watched one’s hands from touching something that requires Netilat Yadayim then one should rewash before eating Matzah without a Bracha. According to Ashkenazim preferably one should cause oneself to need to wash one’s hands with a Bracha.[4]
  4. The Chatam Sofer had a minhag to have others wash his hands for him to symbolize freedom.[5]


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