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How to do Biur Chametz

  1. The minhag is to burn chametz (until it becomes coals or ashes) during the day, however, one fulfills the mitzvah by destroying the Chametz in any fashion.[1]
  2. It is preferable for one to burn his own chometz and not to appoint someone else to do it for him.[2]
  3. One should cut the chametz into thin slices in order for it to burn properly.[3]
  4. One should leave over at least a Kezayit of chametz that he is not selling to a non-jew in order to properly fulfill this mitzva.[4]
  5. It is permitted to throw the chametz into a field with a lot of birds, but if the person notices that at the prohibited time for chametz, the birds haven't eaten it yet, he should destroy it immediately.[5]
  6. One fulfills the mitzvah of destroying the chametz by flushing it down the toilet.[6]
  7. It is forbidden to do melacha once the time for burning comes until you burn the chametz.[7]
  8. One should burn the chametz until it turns to charcoal.[8]
  9. If one puts chametz in one’s private garbage bin one should either pour Ajax on the Chametz to make it totally inedible [9], or put it in the street and declare that it be ownerless in front of three people.[10] One can also include them in the sale of the chametz to a non-jew but then they cannot be used by him over pesach.[11]
  10. It’s preferable to burn the chametz without dousing it in gasoline or lighter fluid so that one can destroy the Chametz with fire and not to make it inedible using any other means.[12] If the chametz will not burn in time without the gasoline then one should pour it to speed up the burning.[13]
  11. There is a custom to burn the ten pieces of chametz that were hidden for the bedikah along with the rest of the chametz during biur.[14] There is also a custom to burn the lulav, [15] the aravot used for hoshanot [16], leftover chanuka candles and wicks [17] and fingernails [18] along with the chametz.
  12. One should throw the chametz with his right hand.[19]
  13. One should burn the chametz in one's own property.[20]
  14. One doesn’t have to do Bitul Chametz after Bedika of the Shul or Bet Midrash [21] unless it belongs to an individual in which case one should do Bitul Chametz.[22]
  15. One should brush his teeth before the prohibited time for chametz arrives.[23]
  16. Women are also obligated in the mitzva to destroy chametz.[24]

Which candle to use

  1. One should not use a candle torch such as a havdala candle for checking for chametz because it is not possible to insert it into narrow places.[25]
  2. Someone who used a torch must repeat the search without a blessing using a single candle.[26]
  3. If one does not possess a candle one may use a small flashlight.[27]


  1. There is no beracha recited before the burning. The beracha of al biur chametz is recited before the bedika.[28]
  2. If someone forgot the beracha the night before on the bedika, he can recite the next day on the burning.[29]
  3. One does not recite a blessing when using a flashlight for Bedikat Chametz.[30]

Praying Arvit

  1. If one did not pray arvit and the time to search for chametz has arrived, one must pray arvit first and then search for chametz.[31]


  1. If one is selling his chametz via his local rabbi, it is preferable to burn his remaining chametz after the sale takes effect.[32]
  2. The burning and the bitul of the chametz should be finished by the end of the fifth hour.[33] Some say that one should specifically burn it at the beginning of the fifth hour.[34]
  3. If chametz is found during pesach, see Bedikat_Chametz#If_one_finds_Chametz.
  4. The nullification during the day should be done before the sixth hour, so that the chametz that you nullify is still yours when you nullify it.[35] but after the burning.[36]
  5. If one leaves his house, he should still do bitul when the time comes.[37]

If a Person Finds Chametz on Pesach

  1. If someone finds chametz on Pesach if it is Chol Hamoed he should remove it and destroy it immediately. If it is Yom Tov he should cover it until the nighttime or after Yom Tov in the diaspora and then destroy it. On Yom Tov itself it is muktzeh and it is forbidden to burn it in its place.[38]
  2. If one finds Chametz on Pesach if one sold one's chametz then one should simply put away that chametz together with the rest of the chametz that was sold to the non-Jew.[39]
  3. If someone finds something in their house on Pesach and they don't know if it is chametz or kosher for Pesach it is permitted since once he cleaned and removed all of his chametz we assume that this is kosher for pesach. If it is obviously chametz then it is chametz. It is relevant for a case where there is matzah like dough that was cooked and it is unclear if it is chametz or matzah. If he usually makes that type of dough as chametz and also kosher for Pesach, once Pesach starts he can assume it is kosher for pesach if he has no other information about its status. This principle is termed azlinan batar batra, we follow the last halachic status.[40]

Erev Pesach on Shabbat

  1. When the fourteenth of Nisan occurs on a Shabbat, all chametz must be destroyed before shabbat except for the chametz that will be needed for the first two shabbat meals.[41]



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