Candle Lighting on Yom Tov

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  1. Even though there are different minhagim about the order of lighting candles on Friday night, on Erev Yom Tov the Minhag Yisrael is to say the Bracha of Lehadlik Ner before lighting the candles.[1]
  2. There is a Minhag of those who say Shehecheyanu before they light Yom Tov candles. However, many authorities hold that one shouldn't make a Shehecheyanu over the lighting at that time. Rather one should either say it after the lighting or wait until Kiddish to hear the bracha then.[2]
  3. If on Shabbat Yom Tov the woman made a mistake and forgot to mention Shabbat and Yom Tov in the bracha she can't go back and recite another bracha.[3]

Candle Lighting on Succot

  1. It is a mitzva to light yom tov candles inside the succa in order to enjoy the candlelight while eating. However, if there is any chance of them constituting a fire hazard, one must place the candles inside the home and eat by electric light.[4]
  2. Some women have the custom to light yom tov candles before yom tov has started, similar to Shabbat candles. Other women light yom tov candles just before Kiddush. It is preferable to light before yom tov begins.[5]


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