Hallel of the Seder

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  1. Hallel starting from the paragraph of Lo Lanu is recited over the fourth cup of wine.[1] According to the Shulchan Arukh, one does not say a berakhah rishonah on the fourth cup.[2] Rama points out that the minhag of Ashkenazim is to make a berakhah rishonah on all of the four cups. However, a berakhah achronah is made only on the last cup.[3]
  2. It’s permissible to say Hallel seated, however, it’s praiseworthy to stand while saying Hallel. [4]
  3. One should be careful to finish Hallel and drink the fourth cup before Chatzot (halachic midnight), however, if one delayed one may make the bracha of Yehalelucha following Hallel.[5]
  4. Since there are differing customs on the conclusion of Hallel at the seder, those who daven with Nusach Ashkenaz should recite the haggada using that nusach, while those who daven Sefard should recite that nusach. If the group of people at the seder includes some people of each, the group should use the same nusach. It is not right for the same group to have two different nuschaot, as this would be a violation of Lo Titgodedu.[6]


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