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Pesach Sheni is the 14th of Iyar, which is a month after Pesach. In the times of the Bet HaMikdash, Pesach Sheni was a day for the people, who couldn't bring the Korban Pesach on Pesach either because they were impure or were too far away from Yerushalayim, to bring a makeup Korban.[1]

Minhagim of the Day

  1. The minhag is not to say Tachanun on Pesach Sheni.[2] Some question this minhag.[3]
  2. There is a minhag to eat matzah the day of Pesach Sheni in the afternoon.[4] Some eat it also the night after Pesach Sheni, which is the 15th of Iyar.[5] Some don't have this minhag.[6]


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  3. Pri Megadim M"Z 131:15. Rav Schachter in a shiur ("Sefirat Haomer", min 50) on yutorah holds that one should say tachanun on Pesach Sheni. Rav Scahchter (Piskei Corona #35) writes that there's no reason to omit tachanun on Pesach Sheni since the korban pesach wasn't brought on the first pesach, pesach sheni isn't established as a pesach sheni since it is only meant as a makeup for the original bringing of the korban pesach.
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