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In order to be privy to the nuances and mindsets of the Poskim, it is advantageous to understand the Klalim relevant to the Poskim, from the two Talmuds through the Rishonim to the Shulchan Aruch. The Machon Yerushalayim edition of the Yad Malachi is particularly helpful for this, as the Yad Malachi is fantastic for collecting all the ideas mentioned throughout Halachic literature and the Matnat Yado footnotes add many additional sources from those who came before and after him, as well as direct quotations of sources.

A number of these Klalim, such as Stam vaYesh and Yesh veYesh have much import in understanding many of the Rishonim, though the idea is only written out under the heading of one of them.

The Chida writes how important it is to learn the chronological/historical/bibliographic details of Sefarim, because it alleviates many uncertainties and prevents one from entertaining mistaken understandings, as is evidenced by the many times he uses such details to resolve issues throughout Shem HaGedolim.[1]

Safrut Chazal

Klalei HaRishonim

Some Rishonim are know by the same acronym, which can be confusing. See Disambiguations of Rishonim for clarification.

Geonim Rashi Maharam Rutenberg Ramban Tosafot Rid
Baal Halachot Gedolot (Bahag) Tosafot Rosh Ra'ah Riaz
Rif Sefer HaTerumah Tur Rabbeinu Yonah Shiltei HaGibborim
Rambam Baal HaIttur Rabbeinu Yerucham Rashba Maharik
Raavad Rash MiShantz Mordechai Ritva R' Ovadia MiBartenura
Baal HaMaor Sefer Mitzvot Gadol (Samag/Semag) Hagahot Maimoniot Ran Maharil
Ra'avan Ra'avyah Hagahot Ashri Nimukei Yosef Kol Bo
Rabbi Eliezer MiMitz Sefer HaTerumot Maggid Mishneh Terumat HaDeshen
Meiri Migdal Oz Orchot Chaim

Klalei HaAcharonim

Further Reading

  • Koreh HaDorot, Ahavat Shalom edition with footnotes of the Chida
  • Kenesset HaGedolah, Klalei HaPoskim
  • Yad Malachi, especially the Machon Yerushalayim annotated edition
  • Yair Ozen / Ein Zocher, by the Chida
  • Shem HaGedolim, by the Chida
  • Kol HaChaim, by Rav Chaim Palagi
  • Sdei Chemed, Klalei HaPoskim (in some editions, vol. 6, page 55, and vol. 9, page 125 in others)
  • Ein Yitzchak vol. 1, by Rav Yitzchak Yosef
  • על ספרים וסופרים by Rav Yaakov Chaim Sofer, Rosh Yeshivat Kaf HaChaim and grandson of the Kaf HaChaim [Parts I, II, III]


  1. Shem HaGedolim (Sefarim, Tet 11)