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  1. Rabbeinu Vidal De Tolouse wrote the classic commentary on the Rambam known as Maggid Mishneh.
  2. The Kenesset HaGedolah writes that wherever the Maggid Mishneh says he couldn't find a proof for the Rambam, he doesn't agree.[1] Some even say if he doesn't provide a proof, even without articulating that lack of finding, it's an indication of disagreement.[2]
  3. A contemporary of the Rivash[3], the Maggid Mishneh's allegiance to the Rashba[4] is indicative through his thorough familiarity with the Rashba's opinions.[5] Therefore, when in doubt as to how to understand the Rashba's opinion, the Maggid Mishneh's understanding is a valuable and acceptable window to determining what the Rashba means.[6] Some say the opposite is therefore a valuable tool of understanding the Maggid Mishneh, as well.[7]
  4. His tremendous dedication to elucidating the Rambam gives the Maggid Mishneh credence in deciding what the true explanation is when the Rambam's position is debatable, according to the Radbaz.[8]
  5. The Rivash posits that when the Maggid Mishneh refers to the Rambam as "HaMechaber" and not "Rabbenu," it indicates lack of satisfaction with the Rambam's position on his part,[9] but the Chida argues that the verbiage is arbitrary.[10]
  6. The first three Perakim of Maggid Mishneh on Hilchot Gerushin (until Halacha 9) were not extant even in the times of the Maggid Mishneh himself; what we have printed was probably written by a student, not the Maggid Mishneh himself.[11]
  7. He and the Ran refer to each other as "Yesh Mi SheKatav."[12]
  8. Maggid Mishneh doesn't usually refer to Perush HaMishnayot.[13]
  9. See Toldot Chachmei Yisrael (Shulman, vol. 3 page 137) for a humorous story about him and the Ritva.


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