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Practical Applications

  1. Regarding removing a band aid on Shabbat and how it relates to Gozez, see the Medicine on Shabbat page.
  2. Regarding combing one's hair on Shabbat, see the Getting_Dressed_on_Shabbat.

Cutting Nails

  1. It is forbidden to cut one's nails on Shabbat.[1] If one has a hangnail that is causing him pain, he may remove it with his fingers or his teeth.[2]



  1. The shulchan aruch (340:1) says one who cuts nails on shabbos is chayav. Many ask: how can it be that the shulchan aruch holds chayav if he holds milachah sheayna tzricha ligufa is patur? The magen avraham (340:1) says we must be talking about a case where the guy wants the nails and hair which makes it a milachah shetzricha ligufo and is why the shulchan aruch says chayav. The vilna goan disagrees and says that the shulchan aruch really just feels milachah sheayna tzricha ligufo is chayav. The biur halachah proves from other milachos that this pshat of the gra is not possible. He explains the pshat in the shulchan aruch is that he is holding like the rivash. The rivash (siman 394) explains that milachah sheayna tzricha ligufo is not relevant in this discussion here. Milachah sheayna tzricha ligufo is all determined by the mishkan and in the mishkan there was sometimes hair removal to beautify the oros tichashim so this is a milachah shetzricha ligufo. Only because it is a milachah shetzricha ligufo will it be chayav.
  2. Rabbi Eli Mansour