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  1. Separating the chaff from the grain using the force of wind is the Melacha of Zoreh (winnowing). [1] This Melacha also includes separating any undesired matter from a food by use of wind. [2]
  2. Separating undesired matter from food by use of artificial wind is also Zoreh. Thus, one may not blow on a mixture of peanuts and their thin outer shells to remove the shells. [3]

Applications using the wind

  1. One should not blow against the wind causing the saliva to become mist. [4]
  2. One should not shake crumbs out of a tablecloth against the wind.[5]
  3. One should not leave musty garments or books in the wind to air them out.[6]

Applications of sprays

  1. The use of aerosol cans is not in violation of Zoreh, however, one may one spray perfume or deodorant on one's body and not one's clothes.[7]
  2. One may use the spray attachment to a sink faucet on Shabbat and it is not a violation of Zoreh. (Because of Bishul one may only use cold water). [8]
  3. One may add cold water to a water vaporizer (which is already running from before Shabbat).[9]



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