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Categories and Subcategories of Muktzeh

There are four primary categories of muktzah, and two secondary categories. These categories fit into two general classes:

  1. Items which are useless (absolute Muktzeh)
  2. Items that are used for a prohibited purpose (partial Muktzeh)

Items in the first category are generally useless and may not be used at all on Shabbat. That being the case, items that are absolutely Muktzeh are prohibited from being moved for any purpose. On the other hand, items which are used on occasion are in the second category. Items that are partially Muktzeh may be moved if the item itself is needed or its place is needed. [1]

Basic Principals of Muktzeh

Primary Categories of Muktzeh

Secondary Categories of Muktzeh

Disputed Categories of Muktzeh

Subcategories that are not Muktzeh at all

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  1. The Weekly Halacha Discussion (vol 2 pg 335) breaks up Muktzeh into two general categories, severe Muktzeh and light Muktzeh. Rav Hershel Schachter in a shiur on entitled "Hilchos Muktze" (min 16-9) explained that there's two categories within Muktzeh. One is a set of items that are completely Muktzeh (Muktzeh Gamur) and one is a set of items that may not be moved because of a prohibited use (Isur Tiltul).