Muktzeh Machmat Miyus

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  1. Something that is disgusting isn't muktzeh if it is usable to cover a pot. However, a potty that is made out of wood or plastic is muktzeh since it remains disgusting.[1]
  2. A potty made out of plastic according to many poskim isn't muktzeh when it is clean.[2]


  1. Shulchan Aruch 308:35, Mishna Brurah 308:135. Why is a potty that is disgusting when empty muktzeh? Chazon Ish 48:10 argues that the entire concept of placing in water is a unique gezerah and has nothing to do with muktzeh. Shulchan Aruch Harav 308:2 and 308:73 writes that something which is muktzeh machmat miyus isn’t muktzeh if it could be used to cover something. Therefore, he explains that is the reason that the potty which is disgusting even when it is empty is muktzeh. Ot Brit v. 2 p. 52 fnt. 27 explains that most rishonim clearly disagree with the Chazon Ish. Rather it is muktzeh since it isn't usable for anything since it is disgusting and is like a rock. You wouldn't use it even to cover a pot.
  2. Ot Brit v. 2 p. 52. Mateh Moshe Muktzeh p. 391 cites that Shemirat Shabbat Kehilchata 20:49 is lenient and Shalmei Yehuda p. 173 citing Rav Elyashiv that plastic pottys are like earthenware.