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Tu BiShevat, the fifteenth of the month of Shevat, is the new year for the trees. [1]

Practices Relevant to the Day

  1. There is no Tachanun on Tu BiShevat. [2] It is also not recited during the mincha prior to Tu Bishvat. [3] The same is true of saying tzidkatcha on Shabbat afternoon. [4] However, ashkenazim still recite Lamnatzeach. [5]
  2. Public fast days should not be proclaimed on Tu Bishvat. [6] Even those who have the custom to fast on their wedding day shouldn't do so if it falls out on Tu B'shvat. [7]
  3. Some have the custom to wear their Shabbat clothing in honor of Tu Bishvat. [8]
  4. One should try to learn the halachot related to Tu B'Shevat such as the halachot of maaser of fruits. [9]

Eating Fruit

  1. The minhag is to increase the amount of tree fruits one usually eats on Tu BiShevat. [10] One reason for this minhag is to remind us to pray for the welfare of the trees in the coming year.[11]
  2. Some have the custom to have a seder of eating fruits on Tu Bishvat. [12]
  3. Some have the minhag to eat carob on Tu Bishvat. [13]
  4. The custom of eating fruits applies to women as well. [14]
  5. Some people have the custom of eating a special seuda on Tu Bishevat. [15]
  6. There is a minhag to eat etrog jam on Tu B'Shvat. [16] Some say that one should recite shehechiyanu when doing so. [17] Other disagree. [18]
  7. Some say that one should pray that he will have a nice etrog the next Sukkot. [19] This may even be done on Shabbat [20]

Checking Fruit for Bugs

  1. As always, one must be sure that the fruit he is eating is clean from bugs. [21] see Checking for Bugs

Laws of Terumot and Maaserot

see Terumot and Maaserot


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