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  1. The melacha of Toveh is spinning fibers or hairs into a thread to be used for weaving[1]. There is a biblical violation of this melacha whether one spins the thread by hand or one uses a special utensil.[2]


  1. Some poskim consider pressing raw material into a sheet of cloth in which there are no threads to be a Toldah of Toveh. [3] Others disagree.[4]


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  4. The Raavad Shabbos 9:15, argues that pressing raw materials into a cloth is irrelevant to Toveh and cannot be considered a Toldah. He suggests that it could constitute a Toldah of Boneh though, since one is creating a new entity out of the fibers. The Minchat Chinuch 32:16 notes that even though the Rambam holds that pressing fibers into cloth is a Toldah of spinning, it wouldn’t necessarily be considered spinning for other areas of halacha, such as shatnez.