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  • Rav Schachter (oral communication March 6 2018) said that it was permitted to create an image of a sun or moon on a phone when swiping across the emojis to see a smiley face and you come across a sun or moon. The same is true of going on a website with has a picture of a sun or moon. The reason is that the drawing of the sun or moon is very temporary and not considered real drawing. The leniency of not being considered a real writing isn’t just relevant for Hilchot Shabbat it even exists for Hilchot Gittin.
  • Rav Schachter said that it was permitted to own a doll which is a three dimensional figure of a person since there’s no concern that a person will assume that you are worshiping it. That is based on the Chachmat Adam and it might be against the Maharam that the Shach quotes but the Maharam is difficult.
  • Rav Schachter said that it is permitted to draw an image of a moon on the blackboard to teach about rosh chodesh since that is considered a form of l’havin u’lhorot. However, creating a model of the solar system for a science fair isn’t considered l’havin u’lhorot and is forbidden.