Prayers on Sukkot

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see Kiddush on the First Night of Sukkot


For more details see the page on Hallel and Order of Taking the Four Minim.

  1. The full Hallel is recited on all the days of sukkot and shemini atzeret (8 days in Israel, 9 outside of Israel) with a beracha. [1]


Hoshanot are recited each day of Sukkot.


A special musaf for Sukkot is recited for each day of the festival.


  1. Gemara Erchin 10a, Rambam (Megillah VeChanukah 3:6-7), Shulchan Aruch OC 644:1. The gemara writes that the reason we recite full hallel on all the days of sukkot and not for all the days of pesach, is that every day of sukkot had a different korban in the beit hamikdash.