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  1. The proper place for the recital of Hallel is immediately after Shacharit. This is true even on a day that we recite Musaf and technically musaf should be recited first since it is said more often and tadir visheayno tadir, tadir kodem (the item said performed more often should precede the less common). [1]

Disambiguation Page
There's a number of instances in which Hallel is supposed to be said. Please find the page relevant to the specific Hallel you are looking for.

It is not said on Purim, see Customs of Purim.

  1. Sh"t Iggerot Moshe 3:70. Shulchan Aruch Harav 131:5 says that the reason is that zrizim makdimin limitzvot, that we are eager to fulfill mitzvot as early as possible. Sh"t Yaskil Avdi 8:20:55 writes that Hallel is a continuation of Yaaleh Viyavo and also that by saying Hallel in the place where Tachanun is usually recited, it is a proclamation of respect for this exalted day.