Halachos of Lefties

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  1. When putting a piece of clothing you should put on the right side and then the left. A lefty should do the same.[1]
  2. A lefty should put on his right shoe first and also tie his right shoe first.[2]
  3. When tearing kriyah for seeing the area of the Bet HaMikdash a righty and lefty should both tear on their right side.[3] The same is true of tearing kriyah for a parent.[4]
  4. One who washes his hands fills the cup while holding it in his right hand and then transfers the cup into his left hand and washes his right hand.[5] A left-handed person should also follow this procedure and wash his right hand first.[6]
  5. A lefty should cover his eyes of kriyat Shema with his right hand. See the Kriyat Shema#Covering One's Eyes section.



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