Halachos of Interviews

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Selling Oneself

  1. Based on a precedent set by Rav Moshe Feinstein, a prospective employee is required to reveal all relevant information that a interviewer would not inquire about due to reasonable mistaken assumptions, otherwise there is an issue of genevat daat (deceptive behavior).[1]
  2. See Perfecting one's Middot#Humility about the prohibition of flaunting one's good qualities.

False Advertising

  1. It is forbidden to make oneself look younger than one really is for a date, job, or other age-restricted pursuit.[2] One must not allow others to believe that one is a bigger scholar than one really is.[3] This halacha is contributed from Pa'ot Hashulchani.

Overstating a Positive Quality

orchot tzadikim shaar anava

Understating or Omitting a Negative Quality

Wearing a Kippah

Taking an Interview on Shabbat

daber dvar


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