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We'd like to offer the ability to users to download an offline version of Halachipedia for reference if and when there's no internet access. Here are the possible options:

  1. One way to access the site offline is to download a compressed xml version of the database. Because it is very large you should use Notepad++ (for PC) or Sublime or Notepad (for mac) or the like. Click here to download the xml database dump (Nov 2014).
  2. Use the Book Creator extension. Using this you can select pages you want to include in the book, and then generate a downloadable pdf.
  3. The best option is to actually mirror the site. Wikipedia offers the xml dumps but also offers the database dumps in sql which could be used to recreate the website in its full glory just like it is on the server. The catch with the last option is that it is hard to set up.
    1. Install php and mysql. For mac's, the easiest program which will install both is MAMP. For windows the easiest program to install both is XAMPP.
    2. Download the database here (Nov 2014) and extract.
    3. Import the database into your mysql using phpmyadmin uploads folder (with MAMP it is at /Applications/MAMP/bin/phpMyAdmin/uploads). For instructions how to import the sql file, see here].
    4. Download the mediawiki software with Halachipedia configurations and extract into htdocs folder for either MAMP or XAMPP. For those files, email
    5. Done. Visit the localhost page for Halachipedia.
  4. The option which would have been easiest for users is to download every single pages in all of its html and then compress that. The problem is that downloading that and getting it set up corrrectly with links wasn't really possible. I left a program running for days working on that download and it didn't finish, it would have been every large, and still not really functionable, just the links would work but not the edit tab, etc. Wikipedia no longer offers the html option probably for the same reason, it is much larger than the actual database.

For any questions, please email me at