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Coeducation is the integrated education of men and women at the same school facilities. Co-ed is a shortened adjectival form of co-educational, and the word co-ed is sometimes also used as a noun to refer to a female college student in the United States. Before the 1960s, many private institutions of higher education restricted their enrollment to a single sex. Indeed, most institutions of higher education — regardless of being public or private — restricted their enrollment to a single sex at some point in their history.[1]

In the Orthodox Jewish communities around the world, the vast majority of children attend Jewish schools at the elementary, high and post high school level. Many schools are "Separate" for boys and girls and many schools are "Co-ed". The Haredi community generally send their children to "Yeshivos" for boys and "Beis Yaakov's" for girls. The Halachic / Hashkafic discussion on this subject is highly debated among Rabbis and lay leaders both in Israel and in the Diaspora. Many of these arguments are built on Talmudic and Halachic sources; while others deal more with the philosophies of modern Jewish thinkers on how to preserve authentic Judaism in the modern age. Kiruv Rechokim projects and Jewish Outreach programs are also divided on this matter.

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