Birchot Hanehenin

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Birchot Hanehenin (trans. Hebrew ברכת הנהנין) refers to a category of brachot, blessings, that are all thanking Hashem for the pleasures of this world. They include brachot for eating food and for smelling nice smells. The other categories of brachot are Birchot Hamitzvah, brachot for performing mitzvot, and Birchot Hashevach, brachot of praise.[1]

Types of Birchot Hanehenin

General Rules of Birchot Hanehenin

  1. Birchot Hanehenin are recited in advance of eating or enjoying the pleasure since it is forbidden to enjoy this world without a bracha. Even after the fact if one forgot one may not recite it after enjoying the pleasure.[2]


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