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  1. Even if one did not sleep at all at night, Ashkenazim may nevertheless make all the Birchot HaShachar except for Elokai Neshamah, HaMaavir Sheynah, and Birchot HaTorah, which one should preferably hear with intention to fulfill the obligation from someone who has slept.[1] If one is alone, Poskim differ what an Ashkenazi should do.[2].
  2. Sephardim may recite all the Birchot HaShachar (including Birchot HaTorah) except for Netilat Yadayim (and Asher Yatzer which one could make oneself if one goes to the bathroom). Birkot HaShachar may be recited from Chatzot, and Birkot HaTorah after Alot HaShachar and washing one's hands without a Beracha[3]
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    2. Regarding a situation where an Ashkenazi has no one to recite the Berachot on his behalf, the Elyah Rabbah 46:13 says one should not recite HaMaavir Sheynah and Elokai Neshama, but Aruch HahSulchan (Orach Chaim 46:13) disagrees and holds that one can cite these even if one didn't sleep. Also, Mishna Brurah 46:24 seems to conclude with the opinion of the Pri Megadim and Shaarei Teshuva who think that one can recite it even if one didn't sleep.Regarding Birchot HaTorah, Mishnah berurah 47:28 says not to say them due to safek berachot lehakel. The Aruch Hashulchan (Orach Chaim 47:23), however, strongly vouches for reciting Birchot Hatorah if awake the whole night and unable to hear from another.
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