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Is the term "revolutioning halacha" appropriate? I think that revolutioning sounds too strong and implies change and that would contradict halacha which is a rooted system of laws based on centuries of debate, practice and compiling the sources. i suggest a term like organizing or publizing.

more about our mission: is a great database of Jewish Halacha that’s user-friendly and searchable. We already have over 100 pages of easy to access halacha. The goal is to get all of Halacha with opinions from S”A to Mishna Brurah to contemporaries. In a click, you would be able to access accurate halachic answers for any question.

Maybe the following paragraph should be edited: "At the present time anyone who is interested in helping is welcome to make an account and contribute freely. However, beware that one's work will be checked and one should not dare to misrepresent the truth because it's possible that one's mistake intentionally or unitentionally will mislead an innocent Jew. That said, if one is truly motivated to help spread Torah and does it with a fear of Hashem, BeEzrat Hashem one should only see success and no mistake should come to your hand. "

Perhaps change it to: Currently, anyone can create an account and contribute to Halachipedia. Please be careful when contributing to halachipedia, since people will be relying on it for practical halacha. To ensure accuracy, all work will be reviewed [before it is published*] to make sure it is correct and has sources. B'ezrat Hashem we will be able to create a accurate and useful resource for those who want to know the halacha.

I changed the paragraph as per your suggestion. The only thing I changed is that I took out is "[before it is published*]" because that's not entirely within our control. Also I took out the word "practical". Even though %100 I would love for the website to be reliable for practical halacha, because of all the concerns and even with all precautions taken I'd like not to emphasize that this is meant halacha lemaaseh.