Seudat Purim

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  1. One should increase in festivities on Purim, but the actual obligation is fulfilled by having one meal on the day of Purim. [1]
  2. The mitzvah of Seudat Purim is during the day and not the night, yet one should have simcha and a small meal at night (and make the meal of the day greater). [2] If Purim falls out on Motzei Shabbat and Sunday, having Seudat Shelishit isn’t considered as having a small meal during the night of Purim. Rather, one should have a special meal for the sake of Purim. [3]
  3. The minhag is to have the Suedah after mincha and complete the majority of the Suedah before nightfall. [4] However, some say it’s preferable to be done in the morning. [5]
  4. The meal should be shared with friends and involve Divrei Torah. [6]
  5. If one began the meal on Purim and ate past nightfall, one should still mention Al HaNissim in Birkat HaMazon [7] unless one already said Maariv, in which case one shouldn’t say Al HaNissim. Some say that one can say it even after davening Maariv. [8]
  6. If one forgot Al HaNissim in Benching, one doesn’t repeat benching. However, if one remembers that he forgot Al HaNissim while still benching one should add it in the Harachaman’s by saying Harachaman Hu Yaaseh Lanu Nissim and continue with Al HaNissim. [9]
  7. One can fulfill the obligation of the Seudah without bread, but some say that one’s Suedah should be made with bread. [10]
  8. Some say that one should have meat at the Suedah. [11]

Drinking on Purim

  1. If one’s parent tells one not to drink on purim one should listen to them and only drink a little more than usual. [12]


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