Seuda Shelishit

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  1. The obligation of eating the third meal of Shabbat (Seudat Shelishit) is rabbinic. [1]
  2. Women are obligated in Seudat Shelishut. [2]

Amount to eat

  1. If one is full one should eat at least a KeBaytzah of bread.[3] However, if one is unable one should at least have a Kezayit. [4]
  2. If one can not eat at all then one is not obligated to pain oneself. Nonetheless a wise person will see ahead and leave room for Suedat Shelishit. [5]
  3. One must eat bread however if one is very full and is unable then one should eat Mezonot. If that is also impossible one should have food which usually accompany bread such as meat or fish or at least fruit (cooked fruit is preferable). If one doesn't have fruit then one may use a Reviyit of wine. [6]
  4. According to Sephardim one should be careful to have two whole loaves of bread for Lechem Mishneh at Seudat Shelishit. However, according to Ashkenazim, it's preferable to have two whole loaves but it's sufficient to have just one whole loaf. [7]
  5. One doesn't need to cover the loaves of bread before making HaMotzei, however, it's preferable to cover them even at Suedat Shelishit. [8]


  1. The earliest time to fulfill Seudat Shelishit is from 6 and a 1/2 hours (Shaot Zmaniot) into the day. [9]
  2. The Minhag is to eat Seudat Shelishit between Mincha and Maariv/Arvit. [10]If one is unable to have it after mincha one should have it before mincha. [11]


  1. There is no obligation to do Kiddush at Suedat Shelishit. [12]


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