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Awaiting Mashiach

  1. There is a mitzvah to believe that Mashiach can come at any moment and will come.[1] Additionally, awaiting Mashiach is a mitzvah.[2]

Belief in Mashiach

  1. Not believing that Mashiach will come or not awaiting him is considered heresy against the Torah and the prophets. [3]


  1. The Sefer Mitzvot Katan (Mitzvah no. 1) writes that it is a mitzvah to believe that there will be a future redemption and is included in the mitzvah to believe in Hashem. Similarly, this is the basis for the obligation to await Mashiach.
  2. The Gemara Shabbat 31a writes that a question a person is asked in heaven after he passes away if whether he awaited Mashiach.
  3. Rambam Melachim 11:1