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The Torah[1] forbids any form of magic and it is a very serious sin that deserves capital punishment. According to the Rambam[2] this prohibition applies even to slight of hand since "black magic" or real magic is all fake and the Torah is warning us not to engage in silly practices of slight of hand.

Is it permissible to have a magic show?

  1. For Sephardim it is forbidden to perform a magic trick even though everyone there knows it is only slight of hand. According to many authorities it is a biblical prohibition.[3] If it is a non-Jewish magician it is permitted to watch.[4] Even Ashkenazim should be strict about this and not have a magic trick show.[5] Others are lenient but preferable to have a non-Jewish magician.[6]
  2. It is permitted to hire a non-Jew to do magic tricks for a wedding or children in the hospital.[7]


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  7. Yabia Omer YD 5:14 explains that since hiring a non-Jew is only forbidden by the rabbis it is permitted for a mitzvah. Chazon Ovadia Shabbat v. 3 p. 500 reiterates this ruling. Rabbi Mansour agrees.