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  1. Mafshit is defined as skinning an animal, fish, or bird carcass.[1]

In the Mishkan

  1. In the construction of the Mishkan, part of the process in preparing the hides to be used for the leathers involved skinning the rams and tachash animals.[2]

Removing Skin from Cooked Chicken

  1. For a number of reasons removing chicken skin from a cooked piece of chicken is permitted and not considered mafshit.[3]


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  2. Rashi Shabbos 73a s.v. hasad, Aruch HaShulchan 321:26
    • Rabbi Ribiat v. 3, p. 899 suggests that it should be permitted since the cooking process makes the skin lose its natural adhesion to the flesh making the chicken as though it was already skinned. see also Sh”t Igros Moshe (Orach Chaim 4:74 - Borer 8, 9).
    • Alternatively, Or Letzion 2:31:13 writes that just as cooking converts the skin into food with respect to the laws of tumah so too regarding the halachos of Shabbos cooking the chicken will cause its skin to be treated as food. Once this is the case, there is no issue with removing the skin from the meat because the chicken, once cooked, is considered a single entity of food.
    • Lastly, Aruch HaShulchan 321:26 explains that this issue could be solved if one removes the skin immediately before eating so that it can be considered part of the process of eating—derech achila.