Inappropriate Speech

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The Torah goes out of its way in a verbose way in order to use clean speed and to teach us a lesson in the importance of the purity of one's tongue. Therefore, a person shouldn't let a vile expression exit his mouth. [1]

Gravity of the Sin

  1. The Gemara states that even though everyone knows why a bride enters a wedding canopy but the one who fouls his mouth to speak about it will loose any good decree God had in store for him and that decree will be turned into a harsh decree.[2]

Using Positive Speech

  1. One should complement a bride that should is nice and kind. [3]
  2. See the page about the Prohibition of Lying for details about lying for constructive purposes.


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  2. Gemara Shabbat 33a. See Mesilat Yesharim (Ch. 11) who explains that vile speech in an extension of the prohibition of not exposing or seeing a person's nakedness.
  3. Gemara Ketubot 17a