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  1. Modest women cover themselves when nursing in front of other people.[1]

Waking up at night

  1. A woman who is getting up at night to nurse doesn't need to wash her hands each time, however, it is a righteous practice to do so. [2]


  1. Some women who are nursing have a practice to make a shehakol on something prior to nursing, though this isn’t necessary they will be blessed. [3]

Fast Days

  1. Someone who is sick may eat meat during the nine days and even during the week that Tisha B'av falls out. Similarly, a woman who is nursing and the child is weak and if the mother doesn't eat meat that will negatively impact the baby it is permitted to eat meat.[4]
  2. A nursing woman doesn't have to fast on Tanit Ester as long as it is within 24 months after the baby was born and she feels very weak. [5]
  3. A woman who is nursing needs to fast on Tisha B'Av unless the child is sick and the doctors assess that the fast for the mother will harm the baby.[6] In such situations a person should consult their Rabbi.
  4. A pregnant woman, a nursing woman, and a woman who gave birth within the last 30 days may eat on Tisha B'Av which falls out on Shabbat and is delayed to Sunday. However, they shouldn't eat for pleasure but whatever is necessary.[7]


  1. A woman who is nursing and the baby doesn't want to nurse, to avoid a lot of discomfort it is permissible to express the milk but it should go to waste immediately, such as nursing into a disgusting cup or onto the ground.[8]

Meat and Milk

  1. A woman who is nursing and needs to drink milk within six hours of eating meat may do so as long as one hour passed after having eaten meat. It is preferable that she wash out her teeth so there is no meat stuck there when she eats milk.[9]
  2. Human milk is considered parve, nonetheless, it is prohibited to have together with meat because it looks like cow milk. If it fell into a meat food, it is nullified by a majority of the meat dish.[10]


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