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  1. The Ashkenazic custom is to have a bedekin before the chupah because according to some it is considered the marriage.[1] Sephardim don’t have this minhag.[2]


  1. The Darkei Moshe 66:1 quotes Tosfot Yoma 13b s.v. lechada as holding that a betulah is married when she goes out with her hair covered. Similarly, the Rama 55:1 writes that some say that when the chatan covers his and his kallah’s head during the sheva brachot it is considered the chupah. Nitai Gavriel (Nesiun 13:3) writes that the Ashkenazic minhag nowadays is to do the bedekin before the chupa. see The Veiling Ceremony: Bedeken on for more
  2. Yalkut Yosef (Sovah Semachot 6:2)