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  1. One must ensure to chew the Maror, and to not just swallow it without tasting it; otherwise, one doesn't fulfill his obligation. [1].

Which Vegetable?

  1. Even though Chazal enumerated five types of vegetables to satisfy the obligation of Maror, because we can't identify them one should use either lettuce or horse raddish.[2]

How much Maror?

  1. One must eat 1 Kezayit of Maror with a Bracha of Al Achilat Maror. [3]


  1. The Maror should be dipped into the Charoset. One should wipe off the charoset and not dip it for too long otherwise it’ll remove the taste of the Maror. [4] Some only dip it partially. [5]


  1. One doesn’t have to lean when eating the Maror [6] but if one wants to one may do so. [7]


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