Twelve Months

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Visiting the Grave of a Parent

  1. If a person didn’t visit his parent’s grave for ten years, there is a minhag that one shouldn’t visit it again. However, some are lenient in this regard. [1]
  2. It is permitted for a pregnant women the wife of a Kohen to go to a cemetery. [2]


  1. The Taamei Haminhagim (no. 1071) writes that there’s a minhag that if a person didn’t visit his father’s grave for ten years he shouldn’t visit it again. The Dudei HaSadeh no. 38 writes that once ten years passed and one didn’t visit that is an insult to one’s father and his father won’t help his prayers ascend to heaven therefore there’s no point in visiting. The Gesher HaChaim vol. 1 29:16 is lenient and unconcerned about this minhag. See Tzitz Eliezer (14:79:2 and Even Yakov no. 44:5) regarding this minhag.