Transportation on Shabbat

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  1. The Minhag is not to bike on Shabbat. [1]


  1. See Taking a cruise over Shabbat


Electric Subway and Train

  1. It is forbidden to travel in an electric train which will make scheduled stops whether it's a intercity or within the city train. [2]
  2. If one needs to travel for a mitzvah (such as a doctor to the hospital, or a Mohel to a Brit) it is permissible to take an electric subway, where the driver is non-Jewish, majority of the passengers are non-Jewish, and it only travels within the city, as long as one pays before Shabbat and is let on without giving money or a card. Additionally, as much as possible a person should do this in private. [3]


  1. One may not travel by airplane over Shabbat whether or not the plane departs before Shabbat. However, if the plane arrives after Shabbat there is some opinion which is lenient, but in any case one should consult one's Orthodox Rabbi. [4]
  2. If an airplane arrived on Shabbat, one shouldn't get off the plan until after Shabbat, however, if one is unable to do so one should stay in the airport.[5]


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