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Learning on Erev Tisha BeAv

  1. Some Ashkenazim have the minhag not to learn after midday on Erev Tisha BeAv (except for the things which one can learn on Tisha BeAv itself), while others allow learning all day. [1] For Sephardim, it is permissible to learn the entire say of Erev Tisha BeAv. [2]

What one may learn on Tisha BeAv

  1. One should not learn Torah on Tisha BeAv whether it’s Tanach, Midrash, Mishna, Gemara, Halacha, or Aggadata because Torah brings happiness to a person. [3]
  2. However, it is permissible to read Iyov, an explanation of Iyov, the sad parts of Yirmiyahu (prophesy about destruction and rebuke but not consolation or about destruction of the other nations), Midrash Eicha, an explanation of Eicha, the Gemara in the third perek of Moed Katan (which deals with the laws of mourning, excluding the happy parts), [4] the Gemara in Gittin and Sanhedrin which deal with the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash. [5]
  3. When learning the laws of mourning one may not go into the depth of halacha (with questions and answers). [6]
  4. Even in the areas one is permitted to learn one should not learn in a deep analytical way. [7]
  5. One may not even think of how to answer a serious difficulty in learning because one will feel satisfied when the matter is settled. [8]

Mourning practices on the tenth of Av

  1. According to Ashkenazim one may eat meat, launder clothing, bathe, take haircuts until midday of the tenth of Av. [9]According to Sephardim one may not eat meat until sunset of the tenth of Av. [10]


  1. It is forbidden for all men of bar mitzvah age and women of at mitzvah age to partake in eating or drinking on the Tisha BeAv. The fast begins at shkiat hachamah of the 8th of Av and ends at Tzet Hakochavim of the 9th of Av. [11]
  2. It is forbidden for one to rinse out his/her mouth on Tisha BeAv; although, if one must they may rinse out their mouth with less than a Reviit of water. [12]


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