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  1. It is forbidden to brush or comb one's hair on Shabbat.[1] If a comb has soft bristles that won’t pull out hair, it is permitted to use it to gently comb a specific spot to fix the hair there but not to comb the whole head. Also, one who plans on using this leniency should have a designated comb for Shabbat so that it isn’t considered a weekday activity, uvda dchol.[2]
  2. It is permitted to gently scratch one’s head in a small area if it isn’t certain that they will pull out any hairs.[3]
  3. Women should be especially careful since they have long hair and running their hands through their hair or scratching their head vigorously will almost definitely make hair fall out.[4]
  4. However, it is perfectly fine to part one’s hair.[5]
  5. One may not braid one's hair on Shabbat.[6]
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