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  1. Someone who goes on a trip the distance of a Parsa (8000 Amot) whether it’s by foot, car, train, or airplane should say Tefillat HaDerech. [1]
  2. According to Ashkenazim as long as the distance traveled is 3.84 kilameters then one should make the Bracha, however, according to Sephardim one should only make it for a travel of 72 minutes. [2]
  3. Preferably it should be said within the first Parsa but after the fact can be said as long as there’s a parsa of travel left. [3]
  4. It’s preferable to stop walk or stop the car to make the Bracha, however, if it’s dangerous or it will disturb one’s concentration if one stops one may say it while traveling. [4] Additionally, if one is traveling by public transportation one can say it while in travel and it’s preferable to say it standing. [5]
  5. Tefillat HaDerech covers one’s travels for the entire day and night until Olot HaShachar unless one had in mind to complete one’s travels and then changed one’s mind to travel. [6]
  6. If one continues to travel the next day another Tefillat HaDerech is needed unless one non-stopped traveled through the night (without stopping for a Shinat Kevah). [7]
  7. Tefillat HaDerech should be said right after a Bracha such as a Bracha Achrona or Asher Yatzer so as to connect a Bracha beginning with Baruch to Tefillat HaDerech, if it’s impossible then one should make Tefillat HaDerech without any Bracha beforehand. [8]
  8. The Bracha should be made once one left the extension of the city (70 Amot and a bit) and if one made it while one was still in the city, after the fact, one fulfilled the obligation. [9]
  9. It’s preferable that each person say it themselves but the strict law permits one to day and it and others to fulfill their obligation. [10]


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  2. Piskei Teshuvot 110:8 writes that according to Rav Chaim Noeh the measurement is 3.84 km and according to the Chazon Ish 4.6km. Sh”t Yabea Omer 1:13 writes that Sephardim follow the time of it takes to walk a mil which is established to be 72 minutes.
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