Tattoos & Body Piercing

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The prohibition of tattoos

  1. It is forbidden to get tattooed.[1]

Body Piercings

  1. There is no specific prohibition forbidding piercings as long as it doesn't interfere with one's health.[2]
  2. However, men should refrain.


  1. Vayikra 19:28, Makot 21a. One is not chayav unless there is both writing and engraving. Pouring ash on a wound is also forbidden because it looks like a tattoo even though there is no writing or engraving(as seen in Makot.
  2. There is no explicit prohibition forbidding piercings unless one's health would be negatively affected, even slightly; but that's from a health issue and not a piercing issue. However, among most Orthodox communities, it is not common for piercings besides the ears of women.