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  1. Rav Shimon ben Tzemach Duran, known as Rashbesh for his name and Tashbetz for his Sefer, was a Talmid of R' Ephraim Vidal, who was a Talmid of the Ran. He fled Spain to Algeria because of an expulsion.[1]
  2. The Kenesset HaGedolah recommends following the Tashbetz over the Rashba, as he came later.[2] On the other hand, the Beit David[3] advises following the Tashbetz over the Terumat HaDeshen, even though the latter was later and deserves much honor, because the Tashbetz was simply much greater.[4]
  3. The Rashbet's son, Shlomo, known as the Rashbash wrote his own responsa, and he had two sons, Shimon and Tzemach, who are quoted here and there by the Beit Yosef.[5]


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