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The following halacha was removed because it was put up without a source by user Halacha on oct 21 2015:

  1. For men, it is forbidden to do any Melachah once he has begun the second to last paragraph of Kabbalat Shabbat.

absolutely forbidden after sunset

This is not correct, and depends on Halachic argument. Nowadays, it is accepted to start Shabat at sunset, but in many European communities it was common practice to start shabat 3/4 mil (about 13 minutes) after sunset.

I appreciate your comment but I believe you are making a small mistake.
Ben Hashemashot is 3/4 of a mil and is considered a time which is a doubt whether it is day or night. Because of this doubt it is absolutely forbidden to do melacha during shemashot. However, there is a major dispute as to when ben hashemashot takes place. According to the opinion that most communities follow today, the Vilna Goan's opinion, ben hashemashot starts right after sunset (shekiya). Therefore, accordingly, it is absolutely forbidden to do melacha after sunset. However, there was a major opinion that was following in communities in Europe, that is Rabbenu Tam's. His opinion was that ben hashemashot doesn't begin until after 3.25 mil after shekiya or 58.5 min (working with the opinion of the 18 min mil). Therefore, there was a practice to do melacha after sunset for another 58.5 minutes, but that opinion would also hold that Shabbat doesn't end until it is tzet hakochavim which is at the end of the ben hashemashot after 3.25 mil, meaning after 72 minutes (on a perfect day in Yerushalayim). If someone isn't consistent and follows the Gra about when Shabbat ends and Rabbenu Tam when shabbat starts, he is violating Shabbat according to every opinion. However, because of the concern of the opinion of the Gra most communities would never do melacha after sunset. Furthermore, in America Rav Moshe Feinstein strongly urged everyone to adopt the opinion of the Gra about when to start Shabbat and never do melacha after sunset and convinced the Satmer Rav to adopt his opinion. Therefore, there is no community today which would allow melacha after sunset in America. Additionally, I don't believe any posek today would allow it either. Hence, it is absolutely forbidden to do work after sunset. For background, please see the Reference_of_Measurements_in_Halacha page and Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Brurah 261. --YitzchakSultan (talk) 13:30, 19 June 2016 (EDT)