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Introduction to the Laws of Tumah

Food Being Metameh Foods

  1. On a Biblical level food doesn’t metameh other foods, though rabbinically it does.[1]

Cherev Hari Hu Kchalal

  1. A utensil that touches a corpse is an Av Hatumah.[2] Some say that this only applies to metal utensils, while others say it applies to any utensil that can be purified in a mikveh.[3]

Tumah of Liquids

  1. Liquids can become tameh on a Biblical level but not metameh other things, but on a rabbinic level they can also metameh.[4] In fact, rabbinically whenever they become tameh they automatically become the equivalent of a rishon ltumah.[5]
    1. Rambam Shaar Avot Hatumah 7:1, Ravina in Pesachim 14a. The Gemara Pesachim 14a derives from Vayikra 11:38 that food can’t metameh other foods on a Biblical level. The only dispute there is whether with respect to Trumah or Kodshim food can metameh foods, however, for chullin everyone agrees it can not. Even according to Ravina that food can not metameh food even for kodshim, it can still metameh it rabbinically.
    2. Pesachim 14a
    3. Maharam Chalavah Pesachim 14a s.v. amar says that it is only metal and not other materials that have tumah. His proof is the Yerushalmi Pesachim 1:7 which seems pretty clearly like his point.
    4. Rav in Pesachim 16a understands that there’s no tumah for liquids at all in accordance with Rabbi Elazar. However, Shmuel holds that Biblically liquids can become tameh and not metameh others in accordance with Rabbi Meir. Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Shimon hold it is even able to metameh others Biblically. Torat Kohanim 8:9:5 records all the opinions of the tenayim about the tumah of liquids. Rambam Shaar Avot Hatumah 7:1 follows Rabbi Meir, though in the particular discussion of Shmuel regarding the liquids of the Bet Hamikdash he doesn’t hold like Shmuel.
    5. Shabbat 14b, Rashi s.v. gezerah, Tosfot Pesachim 14a s.v. im, Rambam Shaar Avot Hatumah 7:2