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# One shouldn’t use scalding hot water, rather lukewarm water is permitted and it preferable to use cold water. Hot water that cooled is also permitted. <Ref> Tur and S”A 181:3 from Chulin 105a, rule leniently by lukewarm water, Kesef Mishna says Rambam (Brachot 6:16) allows it even initially. Magan Avraham 181:3 says in name of Maharshal that specifically cold water should be used. Mishna Brurah 181:7 says if one only has lukewarm, one shouldn’t be stringent. </ref>
# Bitter, dirty, or smelly water not fit for animals to drink is permitted. <Ref> Rashba Torat Bayit 6:2 says all water unfit for Mayim Rishonim is fit for Mayim Achronim. So is brought in the Bet Yosef (comments that so is implied by the Gemara and Posikim), Darkei Moshe, Orchot Chaim (Netilat Yadim 31), Kolbo (23) in name of Raavad, but the Riaz Netilat Yadim 8:20 is stringent. Many Achronim follow Rashba and Raavad such as Magan Avraham 181:7, Chaye Adam 46:2, Aruch Shulchan 181:6-7, Shulchan Aruch HaRav 181:8, Mishna Brurah 181:21, Kaf HaChaim 181:28. </ref>
# Spit Saliva is unfit; if nothing is available is better than nothing. <Ref> Peni Mabin O”C 38, Minchat Elazar 3:54, and Sherit Yehuda Blum 17 are stringent against the Torat Yekutiel Rosenberg O”C 6 who is lenient. </ref>
# If there’s no water, one can use other liquids but not wine, yet if nothing else is available then one should wash with wine. <Ref> Bet Yosef brings the Rabbenu BeChaye in Shulchan Shel Arba that allows all liquids and the Tur who doesn’t allow wine, S”A 181:9 holds leniently by wine, but many Achronim, such as the Levush 181:7, Atret Zekenim 181:2(2), Shulchan Aruch HaRav 181:8, Mishna Brurah 181:21 are strict like the Tur. </ref>
==Requirement of actually pouring the water==

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