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<br> Halachipedia has been a growing encyclopedia of Halacha since November 2009 and currently we have [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] pages of content with [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFVIEWS}}]] hits! We would greatly appreciate any contribution as Jews we all have a unique portion of Torah. Currently, anyone can create an account and contribute to Halachipedia. [[More about Getting Started| To learn more about how to contribute to Halachipedia click here]]. [[How to edit Halachipedia| To learn how to edit Halachipedia click here]].
<br> <font color=red>FYI</font>: This is for absolutely zero financial profit.
<br> <font color=red>'''Caution'''</font>: Halachipedia makes a great effort to ensure that the information presented here is authentic and valid. However, due to the nature of the wiki interface when using this information for practical purposes please make sure to consult a reliable halachic work or competent Orthodox Rabbi.
<br> In an effort to improve the search engine for Halachipedia, we have a [[GoogleSearch|custom Google Search]] and a [[Freefind| Freefind Search]], however, because of the ads these aren't our preferred search options. Check out our [ new Free Andriod App here].<googlePlusOne/>

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