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* Mishna Brurah 267:6 rules that if there’s less than a half hour before [[Tzet HaKochavim]] one shouldn’t begin one’s meal because according to many opinions one hasn’t fulfilled one’s obligation of Shema, however, those who do begin the meal at that time have what to rely on. Nonetheless, concludes Mishna Brurah, whether or not one eats one’s meal early one must make sure to repeat Shema after [[Tzet HaKochavim]]. Yalkut Yosef ([[Shabbat]] vol 1 pg 201-4) agrees that one should make sure to start one’s meal before a half hour before [[Tzet HaKochavim]]. </ref>
===Praying Mincha after accepting Shabbat===
# Once one accepts [[Shabbat]] one may not pray [[Mincha]] of Friday but rather one must pray Mariv twice (for [[Tashlumin]]). <ref>S"A 263:15. Avnei Yashfei 1:56 quotes Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv as saying that if one didn't actively accept shabbat you can still daven [[Mincha]] afterwards because you haven't officially taken on shabbat. </ref>
# If one arrived in Shul which was up to Barchu of Mariv on Friday night and one still didn't pray mincha, one should say [[Mincha]] in a different shul or outside that Shul but not answer Brachu before saying Mincha. <ref>S"A 263:15, Mishna Brurah 263:58 </ref>
# If the Tzibur did not yet reach Barchu one may pray [[Mincha]] in the shul even if they will reach Barchu while one is still saying Mincha, nonetheless it's preferable to say it outside the Shul (if the Tzibbur will reach Barchu while one is still saying Mincha). <ref>S"A 263:16, Mishna Brurah 263:63 </ref>

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