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# Using Some hold that using the Internet is permissible. <ref>{{NoSource}} Minhag ha'olam; we're on here. There are some who hold it's forbidden to use but the general Minhag is to use it.</ref># Of courseIt goes without saying, that one may not use and/or browse sites that contain content forbidden by Jewish law; isuch as pronography or even immodesty. <ref>{{NoSource}}. See ['issur_Histaklus Rabbi Eli Pielet] regarding how must one must distance oneself from looking at immodest images.e</ref> ==Arguments against a complete ban==# The internet is a tool, sexual in naturewhich has potentially dangers but at the same time can be used for constructive and positive activities.<ref>[ Rabbi Yuval Cherlow’s argument against a ban] #1.</ref># Banning the internet would be viewed as a barrier between Jewish Law and the rest of the world. Additionally, vulgarby forbidding the internet, idol worshipHalacha would be seen as a forbidding agent that offers no alternative.<ref>[ Rabbi Yuval Cherlow’s argument against a ban] #2.</ref># Just as it is required to offer rebuke when it will be heard, etcso too it is required not to offer rebuke when it won’t be listened to. <ref>{{NoSource}}Gemara Yevamot 65b. See further at the [[Mitzvah of Rebuke]] page.</ref> Given that many people use the internet, a sweeping ban may encourage people to ignore the rulings of our Rabbis. On the other hand, due to the dangers of the internet, one shouldn’t be shy about teaching what the torah demands of us.<ref>[ Rabbi Yuval Cherlow’s argument against a ban] #3.</ref>
==Guidelines for internet use==

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