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*[ Issue 17 - Tanit Ester]
*[ Issue 18 - When Purim falls out on Motzei Shabbat]
*[ Issue 19 - Kashering Utensils for Pesach]*[ Issue 20 - Bitul and Biur Chametz]*[ Issue 21 - Shiur of wine at the Seder]*[ Issue 22 - Bosis of Muktzeh]*[ Issue 23 - Brushing Teeth on Shabbat]*[ Issue 24 - Amirah LeNochri for Maids]*[ Issue 25 - Eating Dairy on Shavuot]
Many times Rav Willig commented that he enjoyed the articles and their thoroughness. He also explained that these articles did not represent his personal pesakim on the issues mentioned except where his opinion is specifically mentioned, in which case, it was always confirmed that the article represented his opinion accurately. I also wanted to express my gratitude to a dear friend, Aviyam Levinson, who made a great effort and spent a lot of time editing these articles.

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