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# However, using an object as it is normally used such as closing a door is permitted. Similarly one may replace a removable paper towel roll or removable toilet paper holder. <ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 4, pg 1014-5) </ref>
===Adding on to a existing structure===
# Just as it is forbidden to create even a temporary structure on [[Shabbat]], it is forbidden to add onto a permanent structure even if the addition is temporary.<ref>Kitzur S"A 80:67</reF>
# In previous centuries it was common to have dirt floors and it would be forbidden to put down new sand as it is left as a permanent layer of the floor and is a violation of Boneh (building). <ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 4, pg 1015) </ref>
# Putting down a large area rug which is meant to remain there for more than 7 days is forbidden as it is considered something that can become nullified to the floor. <ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 4, pg 1017 and 1019) explains that since it is only a loose addition it doesn't become nullified to the floor unless it is put there for 7 days. </ref>

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