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==Nighttime meal==
# Many poskim say that one shouldn't start the meal until it is certainly nightfall (i.e. [[Tzet HaKochavim]]). However, after the fact, if one did start the meal before one should not make the bracha of Leshev BaSukkah if one is eating in the Sukkah. <ref>Magan Avraham 668:3 quotes the Maharshal who writes that one shouldn't make Kiddish on Shemini Aseret until it is nightfall so as not to enter into a situation where there is a doubt if one will be able to make the bracha of Leshev BeSukkah. Many achronim including the Levush 668:1, Chaye Adam 153:5, Kitzur S"A 138:4, Aruch HaShulchan 668:6, Kaf HaChaim 668:10, Mishna Brurah 668:7, Nitai Gavriel 85:4, and Chazon Ovadyah (p. 669) agree. Chazon Ovadyah writes that there is even more reason for this law in Israel. [The term that the Magen Avraham uses, "Ad SheTechshach" in context clearly means certain nighttime which is after [[Tzet HaKochavim]]. This term is also used in the Mishna (pesachim 99b) and there the Mishna Brurah 472:5 explains it to mean Tzet HaCochavim.]</ref>
# Similarly, one should not make [[Kiddush ]] on the night of Simchat Torah before certain nightfall (i.e. [[Tzet HaCochavim]]). <Ref>Kaf HaChaim 668:10 quoting Ben Ish Chai (Vezot HaBrachot #13), Nitai Gavriel 92:2 </ref>
==Torah Reading==

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