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==Leaving something out at a meal==
# Some dish should be lacking at every meal (even one of guests) in memory of the Churban, this dish that one intentionally leaves out can be a small or not significant dish. <ref> S"A 560:2 rules that the meal even if there are guests should be lacking a little bit. Mishna Brurah 560:6 says that it's sufficient to leave out a small dish such as Kasa DeHarsana, some type of fish which is a minimum for the requirement of Oneg [[Shabbat]] (Mishna Brurah 242:2). </ref>
# Some hold that one shouldn't use one's best dishes execpt for on [[Pesach]] as a Zecher LeChurban <ref> Mishna Brurah 472:5 says that it's preferable to use dishes that aren't one's best as a Zecher Lechurban except for on [[Pesach]]. </ref>
==Listening to Music==

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