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# If the meal extended until after sunset on [[Yom Tov]], Chol Hamoed, or [[Rosh Chodesh]] and one has to insert the special Bracha between the third and fourth Bracha this special Bracha should be said without Shem UMalchut meaning one should just say ברוך שנתן…<ref>Halachos of Brachos (pg 511) based on Biur Halacha 188:10 D”H mazkir, Kesot HaShulchan 47:3 </ref>
===A woman who forgot [[Yaaleh VeYavo]] in Birkat HaMazon===
# A woman who forgot [[Yaaleh VeYavo]] in benching should not repeat benching except on the first night of Sukkot and [[Pesach]]. <Ref> Sh”T Rabbi Akiva Eiger 1 says that women aren’t obligated in a meal on [[Yom Tov]] and so they don’t repeat benching if they forgot [[Yaaleh VeYavo]]. However, Sh”t Matat Yado MeHaTorah 21, Sh”t Sheilat Yacov 97, Pitchei Teshuva 529, and Sdei Chemed ([[Yom Tov]] 2:10) write that women would repeat benching either because the meal is an absolute chiyuv (as it seems from Tosfot HaRosh Brachot 49b) or because it’s voluntary fulfillment of the mitzvah. Nonetheless, Sh”t Yabea Omer 6:18, Sh”t Bear Moshe 3:38, and Sh”t Shevet HaLevi 5:18 write that because of Safek Brachot, a women doesn’t repeat benching like the Rabbi Akiva Eiger. Everyone agrees (Sh”t Rabbi Akiva Eiger) that on the first night of sukkot and Pesach, women are obligated in the meal and would have to repeat benching if they forgot Yaale VeYavo. </ref>

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